HKVN4065 – MOTRBO Radio Management Lic Key

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  • This orders the licence key to add an additional 500 radio archives to the Radio Management (RM) Server.
  • The RM Server can store and manage up to 5,000 radio codeplug archives.
  • The initial installation contains free licences for 10 radio archives by default.
  • Additional radio archives for Wired or OTAP management and programming need to be purchased.
  • The RM Server can store codeplug and template information for All MOTOTRBO radios when read/written via cable. However ONLY the SL4000, DP/DM4000 and DP2000 series MOTOTRBO radios can be programmed over the air (OTAP).
  • NOTE: This license is no-longer required since the latest version of Radio Management (2.1.17) does NOT require the purchase of a license in order to add devices to the Server.
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