MXP600 – 350-470MHz (MDH77PCN6TZ5AN)

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Basic model includes:

  • Antenna – PMAE4022
  • Battery – PMNN4801
  • Belt Clip – PMLN8181
  • Charger – PS00042A32
  • Technical Data:

  • Frequency Band (MHz): 350-470
  • Transmitter RF Power: Class 3 (nom. 2.8W), Class 3L (nom. 1.8W) and Class 4 (nom. 1W)
  • Receiver Static Sensitivity (dBm): -116 minimum, -118 typical
  • Receiver Dynamic Sensitivity (dBm): -107 minimum, -109 typical
  • Operating Temperature (°C): -30 to +70
  • Storage Temperature (°C): -40 to +85
  • Humidity: ETSI 300 019-1-7 class 7.3E
  • Dust and Water: IP68 (2m, 2hr), IP67, IP66, IP65 per IEC 60529
  • Shock, drop and vibration: ETSI 300-019 1-7 class 5M3
  • Dimensions (mm): 120 * 54 * 25 (with standard battery, 30 with high capacity battery)
  • Weight (g, typ): 200g (with standard battery, without antenna) and 212g (with standard battery and 6cm antenna)
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    The MXP600 TETRA portable radio is designed and built for frontline workers
    The MXP600 mission-critical radio is a rugged and lightweight yet fully capable TETRA portable radio that is easy to carry and easy to use.

    MXP600 takes on the challenges of the front line
    Ready to respond to sudden changes in the field and future changes in technology, the MXP600 helps equip your front line to efficiently and effectively get the job done.

    Hear and be heard with adaptive and intelligent 3+1 audio
    Communicate clearly with our adaptive beam-forming noise suppression technology, 2W loudspeaker, 3 dedicated microphones and automatic use of the loudspeaker as a microphone for wind noise mitigation.


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