VM-EPL-VB-1-N – License: 1x VideoManager For VideoBadge – incl. ONStream

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Secure, seamless and scalable
VideoManager enhances the capabilities of Motorola Solutions’ VT and VB series of body-worn cameras via a seamless, intuitive and highly configurable software experience. Security and workflow optimisation take centre stage. Customisable roles and device profiles control system access while audit logs provide the all-important evidence trail required to support the judicial process.

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Advanced security features
Ensuring the appropriate people can access relevant video evidence at the right time are cornerstones of VideoManager. All video and data is securely encrypted on the device and during download. User roles and privileges are controlled to prevent unauthorised access to crucial evidence. VideoManager also employs the following methods to deliver a secure and efficient software experience.

Streamlined workflows
Security and evidence integrity form the core of VideoManager. Granular, permission-based access ensures users can only access the parts of VideoManager that are relevant to their role. Automatic deletion policies reduce the amount of time needed to manage data protection policies including data retention periods.

Customisable user interface
Customise the user interface to suit the look and feel of your organisation. Configure device buttons to fit your working environment and create custom roles to suit the roles carried out by your teams.

Detailed management reports
Your body-worn camera deployment contains many moving parts, and it is vital to maintain 100% visibility to ensure everything is operating at its full potential. Detailed management reports deliver useful information such as battery audits, device recording time, incident reports and more.